Foundations and Funds

We would like to thank some our wonderful Family Foundation and Fund donors!

Louis Buntin & The Phillips Family Foundation
Dugas Family Foundation II Inc.
Currey Thornton & T & T Family Foundation
Andrea Waitt Carlton & AWC Family Foundation
Aladdin Industries
Barbara J. Mapp Foundation
Emily Magid
Leslie Christodoulopulous
Cal Turner Family Foundation
Clarise Ann DeQuasie Fund
Community Foundation Of Middle Tennessee
Danner Foundation
Animal Welfare Fund
Ms.Victoria Heil Advised Fund
Landis B. Gullett Charitable
Lead Annuity Louie M. & Betty
Junior Board of the Phillips Foundation
Malcolm Frasier Foundation
Memorial Foundation
Max &Victoria Dryfus Foundation
V. Curt Silverthorn Charitable Foundation
Catherine Dee & Traci Samczyk & Dasa Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph M. Lagasse
McInnes Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James Totten
Patricia and Rodes Foundation
Second Restated Revocable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. David Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Patton Anne H. & Robert K Zelle Advised Fund
R & N Family Foundation
SFFC Foundation
Richards Family Advised Fund
Marjorie Neuhoff Private Fund
Ridgeview Foundation
Annette & Irwin Eskind Family Fund
Calvin and Marilyn Lehew
Tennessee Employee Charitable Campaign (TECC)
United Way
Whole Foods Market and Inglewood Kroger who generously donate food for the animals on a regular basis!