Kroger Shoppers Donate At No Cost

Do you shop at Kroger? Your Purchases can help raise funds for the rehabilitation and release of animals at  Walden’s Puddle!

With the Kroger Community Rewards® program, a portion of your purchases are donated to Walden’s Puddle, at no cost to you! With 55 participants last quarter, we were able to raise over $800! That’s enough to provide care for a passel of orphaned baby opossums until they are ready to be released! Can you imagine what we could do if even 10% of our Facebook followers signed-up? Every person counts!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Register your Kroger Plus card online HERE
  2. Enroll your Kroger Plus card in Community Rewards. Enroll HERE (search for Walden’s Puddle)
  3. Shop at Kroger, and swipe your Plus card!