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Noble Spring Dairy Helps Fawns at Walden’s Puddle

noblespringsWalden’s Puddle extends a special thank you to Noble Springs Dairy,  a Grade A Goat Dairy and Artisanal Goat Cheese farm in Franklin, TN.

We rely on the generosity of the community to support its mission to treat sick, injured and orphaned native Tennessee wildlife. The donations of Noble Springs’ proprietors, Dustin and Justyne Noble, Walden’s Puddle help us feed  animals like fawns and cottontail rabbits with formula made with fresh, wholesome goat milk.

Watch this cool video of fawns drinking formula made with goat milk.

A little bit about Noble Springs: The Noble’s restored a farm that has supported family farming since the seventeenth century. In August 2009, the farm was licensed to share delicious goat cheeses with the public.

Every animal on the farm has a name, a personality and a place in the Noble family. With unlimited pasture grazing and special care,  the milk and cheese products have a delicious, distinct flavor.

Noble Springs goat cheese, goat milk yogurt and goat milk is currently available at numerous retail locations and restaurants in the Greater Nashville Area.

Noble Springs Website: http://www.noble-springs.com/

  • Visit the “FIND US” page to see a list of retailers and restaurants that sell Noble Springs products.
  • Visit the “BUY NOW” page to order goat cheese, shipped direct.
  • Visit “TOURS” to learn about farm tours.

Please note: if you find an injured or orphaned fawn, do not give it any type of milk or formula. Please refer to our animal emergency instructions.