Walden’s Puddle provides care and treatment to sick, injured and orphaned native Tennessee wildlife. We are the only professionally-staffed wildlife rehabilitation and education facility in Middle Tennessee. We do not charge for services and receive no federal or state funding at this time. We are here to help you help wildlife in trouble. If you suspect an animal is orphaned, please observe to make sure its mother is not nearby.


If you wish to send us donations, or have others send donations to us, in Memory of someone or in Honor of someone, all you have to do is select one of the many options on our Donate page. You can also contribute through our many partners, who designate a certain portion of funds to help Walden’s Puddle help so many injured or abandoned animals. 92% of all donations go directly to the animals.

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If You Find A Wild Animal Who Is Orphaned Or Injured

If you find a wild animal who is orphaned or injured, call our Wildlife Admissions Line immediately at (615) 299-9938 and LEAVE A MESSAGE. Please Do Not Email, We May Not Get Your Message In Time.

Book A Program Event

Walden’s Puddle provides off-site education programs for all age groups, featuring our Animal Ambassadors. To request a program for your organization, please review our program calendar for availability.



In the event our admission appointments are full or we are at capacity, please contact these other licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators. Also, please read the related emergency animal care information on this website. Thank you for your understanding.
 (opossums, squirrels, armadillos)

Lou Ann Partington Tullahoma 931-393-4835 (songbird specialist)

Please GO HERE for an extensive list of all permitted Wildlife Rehabilitators in all counties of Tennessee.


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When the grape is so big, you have to use both your hands to hold it...
This last week we admitted three baby raccoons from two litters. Please remember, if you have an animal in your attic or crawl space right now, it could be a mom who thinks she found a safe place to raise her children. Unfortunately, this raccoon was a result of a trapper relocating the mom, and the sibling of this raccoon was never found. Eviction is almost always a better option! Please help us prevent other incidents like this by helping us spread the word.
#babyseasonpart2 #raccoonrehab #orphan #babyraccoon #wildliferehab
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It’s also not wise to leave them in your attic or crawl space. They can do thousands of dollars worth of damage to you HVAC duct and electrical wiring. Better to humanely trap the whole family and relocate/send to wildlife refuge together. And yes, I know this because it happened to my grandparents several years ago.

SO adorable !! The weekend I spent with my baby raccoons until I could get them to you on Monday was really special. How their little hands look close up 😍😊

I need to evict squirrels from an inaccessible attic. I just bought an exterior trap. Are we in baby season now?

I love watching raccoons eat, I could watch them all day.

Which brand dog food are you feeding them?

They love those grapes!

Omg I cant deal I need them !!! I'd love to love on these sweet babies Anthony Bianco 💜💜💕🐾🐾☝️️😘

Ha ha Maggie Rose Marks-Cook, look what they posted today.

Here’s my girl.

How do you suggest to "evict" them?

I sooo want that baby😢

How sweet is this!!! :)

❤️🐾baby season!🐾❤️

Hillbilly Slide....lol youtu.be/h8rnHXV7A8Q

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